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Absent Grandmother Syndrome

My grandparents had a beautiful house. In the front yard, there was a cherry tree, a couple of orange trees, and a tree which is called Azgil in Persian – found the word common medlar for it; but they are not the same. I spent a considerable amount of my childhood there. For almost any medical condition, she had a home remedy. I remember one of them specifically. We were having lunch – my grandparents and me. She was an

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On Diagnosis

I don’t know if it is a good idea to start the first post of a blog with the phrase “I have a thing for”. But I want to do it. I have a thing for words. The definition. The subtle differences between the words with apparent same meaning. The origin and etymology. Even for the very common words that I use everyday. Last month, I was reading an interview with Ahmad Shamlou. I needed to use my pencil sharpener

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About Me

I'm a medical intern at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. Writing helps me to have a more organized mind. I hope this helps me to make better decisions. This is a personal blog on medicine, music, literature, and behavioral sciences.

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